Recruitment Trends For 2019: Context Recruitment’s Top 10

Recruitment Trends for 2019: Context Recruitment’s Top 10

So here we are. 2019. Another year has passed faster than a lightning bolt.

As we start a fresh new year, we ask ourselves what does 2019 have in store for the recruitment industry? What do we need to be wary of and what can we capitalise on?

It comes with no surprise that everyone is talking about Brexit and the uncertainty that leaving the EU will bring. At this stage, we are unclear of the implications of Brexit, but we do know that there will be some challenges, and this could affect talent.  The only advice we can give our clients (and ourselves for that matter), is to review the potential impact of Brexit on your business and how you can mitigate the risk when the time comes…

Until then, we look at some of the other recruitment industry trends that all HR and recruiting professionals should be aware of. We have identified the Top 10 Trends for 2019:

#1. You don’t pick talent anymore, talent picks you.

We’ve been saying for some time that it’s a candidate driven market out there.

According to research by MRI, 90% of the current job market is candidate driven – never has it been so hard to find ideal candidates with the in-demand skills required.

The ‘war for talent’ is real, and it continues. Companies need to sell themselves in order to entice candidates to join them…

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